Get More Followers on Twitter

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Buying Twitter followers seems not beneficial  at first. If the point of Twitter is to build relationships and communicate with friends or associates, then purchasing a bunch of strange followers just doesn’t make sense. However things are not always what they seem in the world of marketing.

Here are three simple reasons to get more followers on Twitter.

1. You are providing  a variety of products or services to a broad market and  need to get your brand or marketing message in front of as many people as possible. In this strategy the level of attention that your tweets will receive will be relatively low. But if your marketing evolves around having a wide visibility to the mass market then this might be a good strategy.

2. You have bumped into your maximum follower count and need more people following you so that you can follow more. This is a very valid reason, especially if you’re trying to grow your followers quickly.

You can manage your account and help it grow by maintaining around a 1:1 ratio of followers to people you follow. This will require you to follow other users in masses and then periodically divest from your account the ones who do not follow you back. So your follower and followee counts will go up and down over time, in a gradual upward trend.

This is the cleanest way to grow your account because you’ll have control of over whom you follow. The downside is that this is a slow process. If building your follower count quickly is critical to your marketing strategy, then buying followers is an advantage because it lets you get on with the business of following other users.

3. Prestige. Twitter has a title for users with more than 10,000 followers. It calls them “whales.” If part of your marketing/branding strategy is to appear huge by having tens of thousands of followers, then you can shortcut the process by simply using our services.

In the long run,  you need to spend time building a core Twitter follower base that is relevant for your message, or at least relevant to what you do. However, in certain instances such as those discussed above, purchasing followers is a valid marketing strategy.